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When it comes to planning for your financial future and building wealth, have you ever felt left out of the conversation?


Do you feel like wealthy people have access to guidance, information and support that you’ll never have?


If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone.


For too long, we’ve been left out of the financial conversation — and it’s time to claim our seat at The Table. 

The reality is:


  • Being wealthy is in our reach

  • Building a successful business & legacy is possible for us

We are ready to step into the next phase of our lives and plan for our financial success — and we know we can't do it alone (plus, it’s way more fun to do this with friends).


We need a connection, a friendly face, a relatable ally to teach us how to engage with our money in positive ways — no stuffy suits or big mahogany desks need apply. 


We just want help to understand our money in relatable terms from down-to-earth experts with real-life experience.


If this sounds like you, please join us at The Table — a place to create your future, build wealth, and have an impact. 

We invite you to C.L.A.I.M. your spot at The Table with us.






& Mastery


If you're ready to join us to discuss money, business, and collaboration, YOU are invited to pull up a chair.




The Table

May 18th 12:00 pm AZ time



In this roundtable session, we will:

  • Talk about money in easy to understand terms.

  • Be in community with others who want to learn.

  • And hold out a chair for others to join us.

Click the button to RSVP and receive the link to join.








I’m Abby Vick, founder of Paradigm Money Management, LLC, and financial advisor to professionals who are looking for more, more wealth, more opportunity, more flexibility, more options, and more freedom. I’m looking to give a good name to financial advisors everywhere by offering more value to my clients, being their long-term partner, and connecting them to other professionals that will change their circumstances. 

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