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Abby Vick

CEO, Investment Director

Phoenix Branch

Specialty- Women Business Owners

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Abby exclusively works with women business owners who desire wealth and usually have no idea how much to pay themselves, avoid their financial documents, and are also somehow responsible for their money at home too. They desire more from their business, but feel too guilty to enjoy what they've built. They are hard working, impactful women who live with purpose and give of themselves endlessly. 

By working through their Wealthy Business Cycle together, Abby helps these women remember their why, get back to their important work, and learn how to take care of themselves in the process. 

"We need you to be doing your work at the highest level! And without taking care of yourself financially, you can't do that." 

If you're saying, that sounds like me, click here so you can take advantage of a one-hour complimentary consultation. 

Abby Vick is a Registered Investment Advisor, the owner of Paradigm Money Management and a leading expert in empowering women to awaken to their financial potential.


As the author of Your Dream Retirement and the creator of multiple financial programs for women, including Your Dream Retirement and The Freedom Shift, Abby is passionate about helping women be financially literate in order to have options and freedom in their lives. Her insights have been featured multiple times in Insurance News Net, one of the most highly regarded industry publications.


With a degree in Social Work and a decade of experience working to empower women to accomplish their financial goals and dreams, Abby is widely regarded as a guide and mentor to women seeking a better financial future for themselves. Her work history includes working in the Active Trader Group at Charles Schwab, where she was one of only two women helping investors make smart financial decisions. Having built over $200million in retirement income plans, Abby is an expert in setting her clients up for long term financial success.


As a financial advisor Abby can help any woman is who seeking to take control of her finances chart a course for financial freedom and empowerment through her proprietary Dream Planning method.

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